Belle - Anse Timoun Family School

Welcom to Belle-Anse Timoun School

Belle Anse Timoun Family School

73, Ave Progress. Belle Anse. Haiti

Tel: (509) 3775 6930


                                 Dear Friends and Partnership 

  We respectfully ask for your highest consideration in supporting our Organization for the welfare of our Southest Community in Haiti.  We would appreciate as much support from your institutions or as individuals that you can give to help financially or with technical support, which would aid in the following activities. 


Dear friends, allow us to introduce you to Belle-Anse Timoun Family mission statement.

        In effect,  "Belle-Anse Timoun Family" aims to:

Associate to any action to protect and defend the children and women rights in distress (exiled, abandoned, orphans, mistreated, fought etc..) Without distinction of race, religion and social stratum.

Ensure the health of the poorest children and marginalized rural societies and peri-urban.

Ensure the education of underprivileged children who will take part of a large role in the fight against the poverty.

Enter come into micro finances and the environmental domain of the community.

Undertake measures designed to identify cases of the children and women subjected to violence: (the physical abuse, forced labor of the children, forced wedding, excision, alienation, illiteracy, etc..)

Undertake any training and information aimed at promoting the respect of the children and women human rights in distress (the right to the life, the right to the education, right to the floor etc..)

Train the Children into the Technology and Business Communications for the year 2025.

Train them into the universal culture and literature of language and paint.

Provide materials of paint and other things to promote a good framework for the children.

Find employments for the youth through the creation of micro enterprises

Organize and create ways to collect funds in useful exclusively for the children and women in distress.

Look for partnerships and work together to find and create projects in useful for the kids underprivileged.

Promote trade and cooperating development between organizations involved in the same issue exists in the Republic of Haiti, and the community of Belle - Anse

      The most sustained, we ask you to believe and receive the expression of our deep respect.

If you are interested to look forward to seeing our various activities and people who are friendship and supporters. please take a look at

In the name of Committee:


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